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Habitats and Plants of Srebarna Reserve

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Main Habitats And Vegetation Types The image of Nimphoides peltata

The Srebarna Biosphere Reserve vegetation, presented mainly by rooted hydrophytic, hygrophilic, hygromesophilic, mesophilic and mesoxerophilic communities (cenoses) plays a significant role in maintaining an optimum ecological balance of the aquatic and land ecosystems in the lake area. Basically, its importance is expressed in the following: 1/ a key role for the stability of the Reserve's ecosystems; 2/ specific character of the cenotic combinations within the plant associations;3/ main contribution for the ecological balance;4/ high scientific and cognitive value of a substantial part of the Reserve's higher flora. The main types of habitats were classified in accordance with the KORINE Programme Nomenclature. The following types are present within the territory of the Srebarna Biosphere Reserve (part of the term have no Bulgarian translation):

Standing fresh water

Temporary fresh water

Duckweed covers (Lemna, Spirodela, Wolfia, Azola)

Frogbit rafts (Hydroharis morsus-ranae)

Water-soldier rafts (Stratiotes aloides)

Salvinia covers (Salvinia natans)

Rooted submerged vegetation (Potamogeton) Potamogeton

Small pondweed communities (Ceratophyllum)

Northern Nymphaea beds (Nymphaea alba)

Freshwater Reed Beds (Fragmites australis)

Broad-leaved Cattail Beds (Thypha latifolia)

Narrow-leaved Cattail Beds (Thypha angustifolia)

Ponto-Panonia mesophyll hay meadows (Leucojum aestivum)

Other poplar Stands (Populetum)


The Biosphere Reserve of Srebarna vegetation is composed of 139 species of vascular aquatic and hydrophilic plants. The species Ranunculus lingua found within the Reserve in 1975, has not been confirmed again since 1980. Nine of the total number of species are protected under the Environment Act. 13 species of the Srebarna Biosphere Reserve flora are included in the Red Book of Bulgaria. Two of the species typical of the flora of Srebarna are included in the European List of Threatened, Rare and Endemic Plants in Europe.

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