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Ecological Monitoring of Srebarna Reserve

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Ecological monitoring of Srebarna Biosphere Reserve with a view to control its condition and take science-grounded managing decisions. Every year the scientists from Central Laboratory of General Ecology – Bulgarian Academy of Science keep track of water level, water quality, production and destruction processes, phytoplankton, zooplankton, microbes, zoobenthos, vegetation community, fishes, and birds. The project is funded by Ministry of Environment and Water. Unfortunatly, from 2006 the Ministry of Environment and Water is not finance the Monitoring.


Amount of Oxygen and water temperature in Srebarna Lake for 2012:Srebarna_Oxygen2012

Amount of seven fresh-water parameters in Srebarna Lake in 2012: depth, pH, conductivity, transparency Secchi, NO2, PO4 and Chlorophyll a. Srebarna_Parameters_2012


Water quality 2004 (in Bulgarian)

Spatial changes 2004 (in Bulgarian)

Production and destruction processes, Chlorophyll A 2004 (in Bulgarian)

Microbes 2004 (in Bulgarian)

Zooplankton 2004 (in Bulgarian)

Zoobentos 2004 (in Bulgarian)

Phytocoenosis 2004 (in Bulgarian)

Fishies 2004 (in Bulgarian)

Birds 2004 (in Bulgarian)

Head of the project (till 2006) - Dr Vasil Vasilev

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