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Associate Professor, PhD


Date and place of birth

дата и място на раждане:

  • 11 October 1949, Sofia, BULGARIA




  • 1971-1973: PhD Hydrobiology, Institute of Zoology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • 1968-1973: MSc Hydrobiology, Biological Faculty, University of Sofia

Post-doc Training (Certified)

  • 2003: Institute of Ecology, Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena, Germany: ``Qualitative Reasoning Models for Stream Ecosystem Recovery''
  • 1998: UNESCO's Venice Centre for Marine Sciences & Technologies - ONLUS, Venice, Italy: "Coastal Zone Monitoring & Management''
  • 1994: Business College, University of Nejenrode, Netherlands: "Management of Sustainability''
  • 1993: OECD Course, Ottawa, Canada: ``Planning of Sustainability''
  • 1977: Academic Fellowship, Zoological Institute, USSR Academy of Science, Leningrad: ``Aquatic Oligochaeta as a component of the Macrozoobenthos''

Professional Experience Road & Main Responsibilities

  • 1997- now: Associate Professor, Head of Departments of Bio-Indication & Environmental Risk and of Applied Ecology, Central Laboratory of General Ecology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences: Studies on Water Quality Methodology, Integrated Water Management, Freshwater/River Ecology
  • 1993-1997: Deputy Minister of Environment, Ministry of Environment: Strategic Planning & Sustainable Development, Integrated Water Management, Wetlands/Biodiversity Conservation & Protection; Management of Natural Recourses;
  • 1989-1992: Associate Professor, Head of Department, Institute of Ecology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences: Study & Development of Bio-Monitoring Methodology, BioDiversity and Coastal Wetlands Conservation;
  • 1987-1989: Associate Professor, Department of Hydrobiology, Institute of Zoology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences: Study & Development of Methodology for Environmental & Water Integrated Management
  • 1973-1987: Research Fellow, Department of Hydrobiology, Institute of Zoology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences: Study & Development of Invertebrate Bio-indicators, Stream Ecology & Water Quality Assessment

Important positions and appointments for last 10 years

  • 2004-now: Member of the UN Secretary General's Advisory Board on Water & Sanitation (UNHQ, NY)
  • 2003-now: Member of the National Center for Global Changes, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Sofia)
  • 2002-now: Coordinating Secretary of the National Scientific Coordination Council on Biological Diversity, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Sofia)
  • 2002-now: Member of the Coordinating Group for Management of the Bulgarian National Clearing-House Mechanism on BioDiversity (NCHM, Sofia)
  • 1998-now: National Assembly Member of the National Association for International Relations
  • 1995-1997: Vice-President of the National Trust EcoFund (Sofia)
  • 1995-1996: Vice-Chairman and Bureau Member to the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD, UNHQ, New York)
  • 1994-1998: General Assembly Member of REC (Budapest/Szentendre, Hungary)
  • 1993-1997: Co-Chairman of the Supreme Environmental Expert Council at the Ministry of Environment (Sofia)
  • 1993-1997: Chairman of the National Ramsar Committee for Bulgaria (Sofia)

International activities and representations

  • 2003: National Representative to the 6th Meeting of the GBIF Governing Board (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • 2000: Invited Speaker for Bulgaria at the International Scientific Conference ``Effects of the war in Yugoslavia on the Balkan Environment'' (Katerini, Greece)
  • 1996: Head of National Delegation to the 6th CoP to the Ramsar Convention (Brisbane, Australia)
  • 1996: Head of the National Delegation to the 3rd CoP to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • 1996: Deputy-Head of the National Delegation to the 4th session of UN Commission on Sustainable Development (UNHQ, NY, USA)
  • 1995: Head of National Delegation to the 3rd session of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (UNHQ, NY, USA)
  • 1995: Member of the National Delegation to the 3rd Ministerial Conference ``Environment for Europe'' (Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • 1994: Head of National Delegation to the 1st CoP to the UN Convention on BioDiversity (Nassau, Bahamas)
  • 1994: Head of National Delegation to the 2nd session of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (UNHQ, NY, USA)
  • 1993: Head of National Delegation to the 1st session of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (UNHQ, NY, USA)

Teaching duties for the last 5 years

  • Lecture courses in Sofia University and Slavonic University:
  • Wetlands Protection & Management (2003-2005)
  • General Hydrobiology (2001-2003)
  • Hydrobiological Monitoring & Saprobiology (2003-2001)
  • Water Pollution & Impacts on Aquatic Ecosystems (2000-2002)
  • Saprobiology & Water Toxicology (2000-2002)

Supervising Post-Graduates

  • 3 MSc, 4 PhD, 3 foreign fellows

International & National Projects for the last 10 years

(Country, Date, M/Y to M/Y, Projects; Contracts & Clients shown in brackets: MOEW-Ministry of Environment & Water, EEA-Executive Environmental Agency, MESc-Ministry of Education & Science, MD-Ministry of Defence)

  • Multicountry, 10.2005-12.2006, New Education and Decision Support Model for Active Behaviour in Sustainable Development Based on Innovative Web Services and Qualitative Reasoning (6th FP Contract GOCE 004074/NAUTURNET-REDIME)
  • Bulgaria, 11.2004-11.2007, Practicability of the invertebrate community structures and fish populations parameters for ecological classification of rivers (Project B-1403/04/MESc)
  • Bulgaria, 11.2004-12.2006, Setting up the system of biological monitoring of surface water bodies in compliance with the Framework Water Directive 2000/60/EC (Project 563/2004/EEA-MOEW/)
  • Bulgaria, 08.2004-05.2005, Reference & Intercallibration sites selection and Biological parameters selection relevant to the Framework Water Directive 2000/60/EC (Project 508/2004/MOEW)
  • Bulgaria, 03.2004-09.2005, Development of instruction for designation of water bodies supporting fish and shellfish life (Project 3979/006/MOEW)
  • Bulgaria, 12.2003-10.2004, Updating National Environmental Strategy & Action Plan 2000-2006 (MOEW/DANCEE/Millieu No 1115.03)
  • Bulgaria, 12.2003-02.2004, Implementation of the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EEC (WFD) in Bulgaria (DANCEE/MOEW)
  • Bulgaria, 09.2003-12.2003, Wetlands Restoration & Pollution Reduction in Bulgaria (WB/GEF TF 024837) (MWH/MOEW)
  • Multicountry, 04.2002-10.2004, Conflicts between human activities and the conservation of biodiversity in agricultural landscapes, grasslands, forests, wetlands and uplands in Europe (5th FP, contract EVK2-CT-1999-2006/BIOFORUM-ACC)
  • Bulgaria, 03.2002-12.2002, Protection of Waters against Pollution caused by Nitrates from Agricultural Sources: Directive 91/676/EEC for Bulgaria (EC/PHARE BL-0081.00-12.0/LDK1-Greece)
  • Bulgaria, 05.2001-10.2001, EIA for the Second Set of Urban Wastewater Treatment Plants in the Black Sea Basin (EU Framework Contract IB/AMS/45, AGRIFOR-Belgium)
  • Bulgaria, 04.2001-11.2001, Standardization & Rationalization of Reports on the Implementation of Certain Directives Related to the Environment Directive 91/692/EEC (EC/PHARE No DM.BL.16.01, URS Corp., London)
  • Bulgaria, 12.2000-12.2001, Development of Program on Setting the Military Activities in Compliance with National Environmental Legislation (Ministry of Defense)
  • Bulgaria, 02.2001-06.2003, Needs Assessment and CHM Establishment in Bulgaria (Joint UNDP BUL/98/G3/USAID LAG-I-00-99-00013-00)
  • Bulgaria, 04.2000-06.2002, Development of the information network BULBIONET on biological diversity of the Republic of Bulgaria (NTEF)
  • Bulgaria, 07.1999-11.2001, Development of Methods for Assessment of Minimum Water Flow Protecting the Biodiversity and Ecological Quality of the Running Waters in the Republic of Bulgaria (Project 3979/006/1999/MOEW)
  • Bulgaria, 04.1998-11.1999, Development & Implementation of Management Plan of the Srebarna Lake Biosphere Reserve (Ramsar Convention Bureau/MOEW)
  • Bulgaria, 12.1996-12.1997, National Program for Biological Monitoring (PHARE BG 9310-04-03-01)
  • Bulgaria, 01.1995-02.1997, Bulgaria BioDiversity Project (180-0039A/GEF/USAID)
  • Multicountry, 10.1995-06.1996, Study on BioDiversity of the Danube River (PHARE ZZ 9111/01.06)
  • Bulgaria, 10.1995-10.1996, National Environmental Health Action Plan (WHO-EURO/BKHF)
  • Bulgaria, 02.1995-09.1995, Human Development Report 1995 (UNDP/National & Global Development)
  • Bulgaria, 06.1994-11.1996, National Policy for Domestic Solid Waste Management (USEPA/IISC)
  • Bulgaria, 06.1994-03.1995, Bulgaria. Environmental Strategy Study. Update and Follow-Up (World Bank No BUL 13493 /USEPA/USAID)
  • Bulgaria, 05.1992-11.1994, National Biodiversity Conservation Strategy (USAID/WWF/BioDiversity Support Program)

Other activities

  • Licensed EIA expert/Environmental Auditor (Ministry of Environment & Waters License No. 801/08.10.1997, updated No. 801/06.11.2002)
  • Official Expert of the National Evaluation & Authorization Agency (Certificate No 0213/15.05.1998)


Published in total 108 papers (3 monographs/books, 61 scientific articles, 32 reports, etc). In total 258 quotations of 62 author's titles found in scientific and other sources.


Monographic studies, books and chapters

UZUNOV, Y. S. KOVACHEV. 1984. On some general principles and organization of the hydrobiological monitoring of rivers. - Hydrobiology, 21: 34-41. [In Russian]

KOVACHEV, S., Y. UZUNOV. 1985. Structural analysis of the communities as a unified basis for hydrobiological monitoring of naturally clear and polluted rivers. - In: Coll. Rep. Internat. Symp."Conserv. natural areas and genetic material they contain" (Blagoevgrad, 1985), III: 217-223.

UZUNOV, Y., B. RUSSEV. 1985. Die Wasseroligochaeten im Osterreichischen Donauabschnitt bei aufstauung des Stromes. - Im: "Die Auswirk. des Wasserbaul. Massnahmen und der Belastung auf das Plankton und das Benthos der Donau" (Bulgar.-Osterr.Zusammenarb.), S., Verl.Bulg.Akad.Wissen.: 131-145.

KOVACHEV, S., Y. UZUNOV. 1986. Formation of macroinvertebrate communities in the course of the biological selfpurification of the Mesta River. - Arch.Hydrobiol./Suppl. 72 (Monogr. Beitr.), 4: 427-526.

UZUNOV, Y., S. KOVACHEV. 1987. The macrozoobenthos of Struma River: An example of a recovered community after the elimination of a heavy industrial impact with suspended materials. - Arch. Hydrobiol./Suppl. 76 (Monogr.Beitr.), 1/2: 169-196.

RUSSEW, B., J. UZUNOV. 1990. Das Zoobenthos und der saprobiologische Zustand der Donau wahrend der internationalen Expedition im Marz 1988. - Im: Ergebn. Donauexpedition 1988, IAD (Wien): 209-220.

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UZUNOV, Y. E. VARADINOVA. 2000. Aquatic Oligochaeta from glacial lakes of the Rila Mountain National Park (Bulgaria) - In: (V. Golemansky, W. Najdenov eds.) Biodiversity and Evolution of Glacial Water Ecosystems in Rila Mountains, MOEW, Sofia: 45-48.

UZUNOV, Y. 2003. Challenges in biodiversity conservation and research in Bulgaria when integrating to the ERA. - In: (Young J., B. Jedrzejewska, B. Jaroszewicz & A. Watt eds.) Proc. Internat. Conf. ``Priorities in Biodiversity Conservation and Research in ACC and their Integration in the ERA'' (Bialowieza, February, 2003): 70-71.

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Papers in scientific journals and proceedings:

RUSSEV, B., S. KOVATSCHEV, I. JANEWA, M. KARAPETKOWA, Y. UZUNOV, R. DETSCHEWA. 1976. Vertreter der bulgarischen Flussfauna als limnosaprobe Bioindikatoren. - Hydrobiology, 4: 60-66.

UZUNOV, Y. 1979. Aquatic Oligochaeta: a supplement to the list of limnosaprobic bioindicators. - Compt.Rend.Acad.Bulg.Sci., 32, No 8: 1101-1103.

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SOUFI, R., E. VARADINOVA, Y. UZUNOV. 2002. Recent Assessment and Long-Term Changes in the Saprobiological State of the Struma River (South-Western Bulgaria) - J. Environ. Prot. & Ecology, 3, No 1: 61-67.

VARADINOVA, E., Y. UZUNOV. 2002. Recent Assessment and Long-Term Changes in the Saprobiological State of the Mesta River (South-Western Bulgaria). - J. Environ. Prot. & Ecology, 3, No 1: 68-75.

Textbooks, manuals and other educational.

UZUNOV. Y. 1982. ``Dying'' rivers live again. Readings for scholars. - S., Narodna Prosveta Publ. House, 162 pp. [In Bulgarian].

UZUNOV, Y., S. KOVACHEV. 2002. Hydrobiology. A textbook for university students. - Sofia, Pensoft, 342 pp. (ISSB 954-642-171-5) [In Bulgarian].

For communication:

Associate Professor Yordan UZUNOV, PhD


Department Bio-Indication & Environmental Assessments, Head

Central Laboratory of General Ecology, BASc

BULGARIA, 1113 Sofia, 2 Gagarin Str.

Phone: (+359 2) 872 04 59 (direct) or 871 71 95 (via operator)

Fax: (+359 2) 870 54 98 (in the Director's office)


BULGARIA, 1142 Sofia

71, Vassil Levsky Blvd.

Phone: (+359 2) 980 68 33 Mobile: (+359) 898 896 206

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