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About the Centre for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research (supported by the National Science Fund, Programme "Development of Scientific Potential")

Strategic objective addressed

Improve the research capacity of the Central Laboratory of General Ecology for basic and applied research, aiming at a better understanding of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning to ensure the sustainable management of natural resources. This will contribute to the integration of the Centre within European Research Area under the thematic sub-priority “Global Change and Ecosystems” of the 6th Framework Programme.

Proposal abstract

The principal objective of the proposal is to enhance the research capacity of the Central Laboratory of General Ecology for biodiversity and ecosystems research under the thematic sub-priority 6.3 “Global Change and Ecosystems”. This will lead to the development of a unique scientific entity in the country - Centre for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research (BioCORE) and its integration within ERA under the 6th Framework Programme.

Primary objectives of the proposal are:

  • Development of the research infrastructure (upgrading and renewal of the relevant S&T equipment, improving IT capacity, hiring young researchers);
  • Increasing the scientific competence and mobility of researchers (specialised training and technology transfer, joint experiments);
  • Developing existing and establishing new contacts with similar MS, ACCs and national centres with a high level of scientific excellence;
  • Dissemination of scientific information and results (participation in, and organisation of scientific events);
  • Outreach activities to improve the responses of the Centre to the socio-economic needs of the country (open-days, publicity);
  • Shaping the future research strategy of the Centre.

The foreseen results and benefits of BioCORE are:

  • Increased research capacity (methodological, technical and human resources), as well as expertise;
  • New career and job opportunities, better working conditions and possibilities for further qualification of young researchers that will help to reduce the ‘brain-drain’;
  • Broadened scope of research topics in order to provide a sound scientific basis for integrated environmental management at national and regional levels, and to raise the public awareness on the importance of biodiversity and ecosystem functions and services;
  • More effective and durable research networking, mobility, and exchanges of results and information. Increased potential and efficiency of the Centre for participation in Framework Programme activities.
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