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The BioCORE Project participants

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About the people behind the project

Project co-ordinator

Dr Vlada Kirilova Peneva

  • Positions: Senior researcher at CLGE, Department of Biodiversity. President of the European Society of Nematologists. International experience: 2 long-term fellowships in the Netherlands and Scotland.
  • Collaborations: Joint research and publications with scientists from Scotland, the Netherlands, Greece, China, Israel, Poland. Fields of professional interests: taxonomy, biodiversity and ecology of plant nematodes; conflicts between human activity and biodiversity.
  • Publications: More than 40 papers in international and national journals. Projects: Leadership of five national and participation in international projects (GEF-projects, BIOFORUM, Fauna Europaea).
  • Expertise: Referee of more than 40 scientific publications in international and national journals and PhD theses; represents Bulgaria in the Society of Conservation Biology; national delegate of TCs of COST.

Core team

The BioCORE Project Core Team consists of the project co-ordinator, director of CLGE, accountant, and the WP leaders.

Work Package and Task Teams

WP1. Reinforcement of research capacity
WP leader: Dr S. Lazarova
  • Upgrading and renewal of the S&T equipment

    Task leader: Dr S. Lazarova

    • Microscopy techniques

      Task leader: Dr V. Biserkov; Task team: Dr P. Nikolov, Dr Y. Uzunov, Dr S. Naumova, Dr N. Kamburova

    • Equipment for molecular and microbiology studies

      Task leader: Dr A. Kostadinova; Task team: Dr S. Gateva, Dr V. Karamfilov, Dr S. Naumova, N. Todorova

    • Equipment for chemical analyses

      Task leader: Dr G. Hiebaum; Task team: R. Hristova, Dr L. Pehlivanov, Dr R. Fikova

  • Software and IT equipment

    Task leader: Dr S. Lazarova; Task team: Dr V. Biserkov, I. Stoyanov, R. Soufi

  • Improving the library services (book supply, subscription to data-bases).

    Task leader: E. Semerjieva; Task team: Head of CLGE departments

  • Hiring of young researchers

    Task leader: Dr V. Peneva; Task team: Tz. Tomova, V. Nedyalkova, Dr Y. Uzunov, Dr S. Naumova, Dr S. Bratanova

WP2: Strengthening the scientific competence
WP leader: Dr G. Vasileva
  • Organisation of Spring School "Implementation of molecular methods and analyses in ecological and phylogenetic studies", Sofia, CLGE-BAS, 3-7 April 2006

    Task Leader: Dr G. Vasileva

    • Molecular tools for taxonomy and phylogeny

      Task leader: Dr A. Kostadinova; Task team: Dr S. Lazarova, Dr. P. Nikolov, Dr. G. Vasileva

    • Molecular methods for genotoxic assessment

      Task leader: Dr S. Chankova; Task team: RG "Environmental mutagenesis"

    • Application of the ARDREA technique

      Task leader: Dr V. Karamfilov; Task team: N. Todorova, M. Asenova

WP3: Dissemination and outreach activities of the Centre
WP leader: Dr R. Fikova
  • Launching and maintaining of website of the Centre

    Task leader: Dr G. Vasileva; Task team: I. Stoyanov & all RGs

  • Materials for dissemination

    Task leader: Dr. R. Fikova

    • Bilingual brochure outlining the Centre's structure and activities (200 brochures)

      Task leader: Dr S. Naumova; Task team: I. Yanchev, Dr L. Penev, Dr N.Chipev, all Department leaders & RGs

    • Poster materials for exhibitions and seminars (10 posters)

      Task leader: I. Yanchev; Task team: all Department leaders & RGs

    • Environmental documentaries (2) (300 multimedia CDs)

      Task leader: Dr V. Bisserkov; Task team: V. Velev, T. Michev, I. Yanchev, all Department leaders & RGs

  • Organisation of events

    Task leader: Dr N. Kamburova

    • Organisation of a CLGE – BioCORE Open-day

      Task leader: Dr N. Kamburova; Task team: Dr N. Chipev, Dr S. Bratanova, R. Hristova, all Department leaders & RGs

WP4: Coordination and management of the project
WP leader: Dr Vlada Peneva
  • Start-up meeting to initiate the project. Setting up the modules of the project and outlining the task and activities according to the work plan.

    Task leader: Dr.V. Peneva; Task team: WP leaders: Dr S. Lazarova, Dr G. Vasileva, Dr R. Fikova

  • Establishment of a management information system.

    Task leader: Dr V. Peneva; Task team: WP leaders: Dr. S. Lazarova, Dr G. Vasileva, Dr R. Fikova, and I. Stoyanov

  • Meetings for the co-ordination of the modules and activities of the project (3-monthly TTs meetings; 6-monthly Work Packages Teams meeting; Annual meetings (all participants).

    Task leader: Dr V. Peneva; Task team: WP leaders, Task Team leaders

  • Preparation of reports. (Internal reporting documentation and reports for NSF)

    Task leader: Dr V. Peneva; Task team: WPs leaders: Dr S. Lazarova, Dr G. Vasileva, Dr R. Fikova

All research groups, laboratory units, current IT and library services of CLGE will be fully involved in the implementation of BioCORE project. The localisation of all human and technical resources within a distinct administrative entity will assure an efficient management of the project. Furthermore, the CLGE is a research institution within BAS, which will provide direct contacts with the national research community.

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