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Main activities of CEBDER are included in six work packages:

  • Work package 1: Expanding and development of the specialised laboratory equipment - SEM and TEM laboratories, light microscopy laboratories, molecular laboratories for taxonomy and ecology, laboratory for element analysis. Work package leader: prof. B.B. Georgiev (IBER - BAS)
  • Work package 2: Development and equipment completion of the network of field stations (FS)- FS Kalimok at the Institute of Zoology, FS Beglika at the Institute of Botany, FS Plana at the Central Laboratory of General Ecology, FS Govedartsi and FS Parangalitsa at the Forest Research Institute. Work package leader: corr. member B. Rosnev (FRI - BAS)
  • Work package 3: Enhancing the experience of researchers via organisation of training courses for approbation of the new equipment - “Molecular taxonomy and phylogeny”, “Electron microscopy – SEM and TEM”, “Conservation biology”. Work package leader: Dr V. Peneva (IBER - BAS)
  • Work package 4: Individual short-term specialisations - Phylogenetic and molecular methods; Micropropagation; Three specialisations for young researchers for curator of herbarium, zoological collections and parasitological collections. Work package leader: Dr M. Stoyneva (Faculty of Biology, Sofia University)
  • Work package 5: Development of the infrastructure for storing of collections on the field of biodiversity - Sofia University, Agricultural University – Plovdiv, National Museum of Natural History, Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research. Work package leader: Dr P. Stoev (NHM - BAS)
  • Work package 6: Dissemination of the project activities and results - creating and managing of web-page of the project. Work package leader: Dr G. Vasileva (IBER - BAS)
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