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Publications released 2007

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Adoukonou-Aagbadja H., Schubert V., Dansi A., Jovtchev G., Meister A., Pistrick K., Akpagana K. and Friedt W. (2007) Flow cytometric analysis of nuclear DNA content in cultivated fonio (Digitaria spp.) and some wild relatives from West-Africa. Plant Systematics and Evolution 267, 163-176.

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Chankova S., Petroff B., Petrov Kl. Module (2007) 7: Biosensors (Application of bacteria for detection of different pollutions). Teaching /training material along LdV II. Community Programme translational Network “Biotechnology and Public Health Translational Network (Health Biotech)”. 2004-BG/04/B/F/TN-166032, 64 p. Published online.

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Zidarova R. (2007) Proceedings of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 60(4), 435-442.

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