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Field Station at the Srebarna Lake Biosphere Reserve

The Srebarna lake was designated as a Monument of World Cultural and Natural Heritage (1983), UNESCO biosphere reserve (1977), Ramsar site (1975) and Important Bird Area (1990). The lake is situated in North-Eastern Bulgaria on the right bank of the Danube. The permanent staff of the field station is involved in a routine long-term monitoring program of the reserve. For more information, click here.

Field Station at the Atanasovsko Lake Reserve

The Atanasovsko lake is a part of the one of the biggest wetland complex in Bulgaria. This hyperhaline lake is designated as Ramsar Site, Managed Reserve, Important Bird Area, Medical Zone A (declared by the Ministry of Health). The main activities performed at this station are related to observation on bird migration and breading populations. There were also some studies on elements of the lake’s trophic status. For more information, click here.

Laboratory of Marine Ecology, Sozopol

The field station is based in the town of Sozopol just on the coast of the Black Sea. The main achievements include the elaboration of prognoses for the state of the marine coastal ecosystems in the Bourgas Bay on the basis of long-term monitoring program, investigations on their structure and functioning and the impact of the oil pollution on them. For more information, click here.

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