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Atanasovsko Lake Reserve

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Field Station at the Atanasovsko Lake Reserve

Counts of Soaring Bird Migration Counts of Soaring Bird Migration

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This hyperhaline lake is a part of the one of the biggest wetland complexes in Bulgaria, Bourgaski Ezera. Their total area is 9,200 ha.

  • Location: at the western Black Sea coast, 4 km northern to the city of Bourgas.

Co-ordinates: 42˚35`N, 27˚28`E.

UTM grid: NH 31, NH 30.

  • Conservation status: Ramsar Site; Managed Reserve; Important Bird Area; Medical Zone A (declared by the Ministry of Health).

Picture1 Salikornia

  • Main habitat types: Standing brackish and salt waters (80%) and saltmarshes, salt steppes, salt scrubs (12%). More than 233 vascular plant species have been recorded. The most important of them are Salicornia herbacea, Sueda maritima, Fragmites australis, Artemisia maritima and Statice gmelinii.
  • Birds. In the Atanasovsko Lake Reserve, 316 bird species have been recorded. Out of them, 255 species are protected. Seventeen species meet the Ramsar numerical criteria for wetlands of international importance, 3 species as breeding (Recurvirostra avosetta, Sterna sandvicensis and Gelochelidon nilotica) and 14 as migrating or wintering.
  • Bird migrations

ViaPontica Anguchi

With the help of the radar stations at the Varna and Bourgas airports, the migration routes of 150 flocks of white storks have been tracked down. The concentration effect due to the shoreline at Bourgas Bay is evident (Michev, 1984).


The migration at Atanasovsko Lake every year attracts many birdwatchers from Bulgaria and all over Europe.

Birdwatchers S.albifrons

The main activities performed at this station are observations on bird migrations and breeding populations. Studies on the lake hydrobiology and feeding resources for aquatic birds were also carried out. For more extensive chemical and biological analyses, facilities of the neighbouring Laboratory of Marine Ecology, Sozopol, can be used.

Key features:

  • Conservational value: very high, due to the great number of rare or threatened habitats, birds and mammals at global, continental and national scale.
  • The site with highest density of populations of Salicornia europaea in Bulgaria;
  • The site with the highest species diversity of birds in Bulgaria;
  • The place with the highest number of birds species listed in the Bulgarian Red-Data Book.


Field Station at Atanasovsko Lake is situated almost at the lake shore.


Atanasovsko Lake as seen from the field station.

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