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The structure of CLGE

The administrative structure of CLGE includes three departments, Biological Diversity, Functional Ecology, and Bioindication and Ecological Risk, representing the basic research units, as well as a functional group of Applied Ecology which supports the interface with the socio-economic environment. Each department is divided into several research groups (RGs), established on the basis of their specific scientific activities.

The structure of CLGE

Three permanent field stations facilitate the scientific and applied studies in various fields of the biodiversity and ecosystems structure and functioning on site. The Ecological Station of the Srebarna Lake is located on the one of the most prominent Bulgarian biosphere reserves. The Marine Ecology Lab is located on the Black Sea coast and its activities include coastal zones management, marine water quality modeling, pollution impact on the eutrophication, etc. The third station, located on another reserve - Atanassovsko Lake on the Black Sea coast, also a Ramsar site, is among the basic sites for studying the birds' migration (Via Pontica) and biodiversity and functioning of hyperhaline coastal wetlands.

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