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Department of Biodiversity

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Information about the Department of Biodiversity
Head of department
Professor Boyko B. Georgiev, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Annual reports of Department of Biodiversity

Research Scope

Origin, maintenance, ecological role, assessment and conservation of biodiversity

Research Priorities

  • Biodiversity and ecosystem function
  • Origin, maintenance and changes in biodiversity
  • Systematics: inventory and classification of biodiversity
  • Monitoring biodiversity
  • Conservation, restoration and sustainable use of biodiversity

Basic and applied studies under these priorities are carried out on model groups of organisms: parasitic worms, soil nematodes, insects, terrestrial snails and birds. The research activities of the department are focussed at priority research topics developed by three research groups.

Current Research Activities

  • Inventory, classification and methods for biodiversity assessment in natural ecosystems (wetlands, mountain areas and others)
  • Biodiversity of helminth parasites and soil nematodes and the role of co-evolutionary processes in its origin and maintenance
  • Structure and functioning of biotic communities
  • Effects of urbanisation on biodiversity and community structure
  • Biodiversity conservation strategies
  • Effect of invasive species on biodiversity in wetlands and marine habitats
  • Effect of natural and anthropogenic fragmentation on biodiversity

Research Groups

Structural and Functional Role of Biodiversity in Ecosystems

Associate Professor Lyubomir Penev, Ph.D.
Main research topics

Methods for assessment of biodiversity in natural ecosystems

Spatial distribution of species and communities

Bioindication and biomonitoring of landscape changes in urban environment using populations and communities of soil invertebrates

Parasite Biodiversity and Ecology of Parasite Communities

Profesor Boyko Georgiev, Ph.D., D.Sc.
Main research topics

Structural aspects of the diversity of helminth parasites and soil nematodes in natural and disturbed ecosystems (fauna, systematics and life strategies)

Structure and function of parasite communities and communities of soil nematodes

Phylogeny of parasites and evolution of host-parasite and other symbiotic systems

Biodiversity Conservation

Associate Profesor Tanyo Michev
Main research topics

Endangered and vulnerable species: patterns of distribution and management strategies

Inventory and management of protected areas

Biodiversity monitoring

Multimedia products for dissemination of biodiversity conservation results and activities

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